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Selection and installation of generators

Selection of generators

A properly selected generator will serve for a long time and without fail not only as a backup, but also as the main source of power. A consultation on choosing a generator, conducted by an experienced specialist of the Teploenergo Group of Companies, will allow you to save money and not buy a device that is not suitable for you and will allow you to choose equipment that can meet all your needs.

Do you need a generator?

If the buyer is not a specialist in the field of power generating equipment, it is difficult for him to accurately determine the technical characteristics and functions of the device that will be used in the facility entrusted to him. Even if he knows how to calculate the required power of the equipment, when buying, he often chooses equipment with a “reserve” of power and with a whole set of unnecessary functions that will never be useful to him. This method of choosing a device entails unnecessary costs not only for the purchase of a generator, but also for its operation and maintenance.

If, when choosing a generator, the specifics and features of its operation are not taken into account, this can lead to the following negative consequences:

  • the energy security of the facility is reduced;
  • the service life of the equipment is reduced;
  • the cost of equipment operation and maintenance increases;
  • increases the likelihood of equipment failure.

A qualified selection of diesel and gasoline generators can save the buyer from such problems after installing and starting the device.

The specialists of the Teploenergo Group of Companies will help you, even at the stage of designing autonomous power supply systems, to choose a generator that will fully meet your requirements and operating conditions.

We are always ready to advise on the choice of generators for a private house, cottage, office, and even for a large industrial facility. If you need a service for the selection of gasoline and diesel generators and power plants, please contact us by phone numbers listed on the website.

Installation of generators

Diesel or gasoline generators are complex equipment that must be installed strictly in accordance with fire and building codes. Violation of these standards will lead to downtime in production, to the occurrence of emergencies, adversely affect the performance and life of the device itself, and may also be dangerous to the life and health of users. To prevent this, the installation of the generator must be carried out by the masters of a special service center. You can order the installation of turnkey power plants in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine from the Teploenergo Group of Companies. We offer quality service and affordable prices for all services.

Installation steps

  • departure to the object;
  • to determine the installation site - taking into account the requirements of regulatory documents and the wishes of the customer, the installation site is determined.
  • to conduct an energy audit (load value, network parameters, expected mode of operation of the power plant).
  • determination of the connection scheme.
  • at a time convenient for the customer, equipment is installed and connected.
  • commissioning, training of personnel responsible for the operation of the generator. The equipment is tested in all modes and an acceptance certificate is signed and a service contract is concluded.