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Metal corrugated shelters

  • Brand: ДАН
  • Product Code: Металеві гофровані укриття
  • Availability: Pre-Order

Metal corrugated shelters for civilian objects and military needs (quick-build shelters)

Purpose and areas of application:

For the private sector:

  • Private houses, cottages, recreation centers, hotels, sanatorium-resort recreation centers;

For territorial communities:

  • Schools, kindergartens, sports and other educational institutions;
  • Medical institutions;
  • Administrative buildings, village councils, etc.

For industrial facilities and critical infrastructure facilities:

  • Heat energy, water supply, etc.

For the military.

Compact dimensions and light weight allow for quick installation of the shelter using a minimum of equipment

The basic shelter option

  • Width - 2.90 m
  • Length – 8.4 m
  • Height - 2.55 m

Option of shelter to order

  • Width - up to 8.5 m
  • The length is at the request of the customer
  • Height - up to 6.7 m

The construction of bomb shelters on private plots of land near hotels and cottages has a number of advantages:

  • The main advantage is that they do not require additional space because they are underground;
  • During military operations, they are intended as bomb shelters, and partly as storage facilities (for example, food, because the room maintains a constant temperature);
  • In peacetime, they can be used as a full-fledged recreation area, because a constant temperature ensures constant comfort);
  • They can also be used as a place for growing mushrooms and other plant crops, as well as for the production and storage of wine, etc.

Competitive advantages:

Not made of reinforced concrete!

  • Fragments of concrete injure, cause contusions, because they fall under the influence of a shock wave without sinking into the soil.

Not rectangular!

  • Metal rectangular structures have a low bearing capacity.

Side entrance!

  • When placing the entrance from above, there is a problem with access to the room for small children.

It is possible to connect a filtering and ventilation unit that protects against a nuclear attack.




  • Width - 2.90 m
  • Length – 8.4 m
  • Height - 2.55 m
  • The weight of the structure - to 3.5 tons
  • The sheet is galvanized - 3 mm

The length of the storage can be increased if necessary according to the technical task in proportion to the width of the sheets.

The shelter has 2 entrances, ventilation, furnace heating, a floor made of 40-mm-thick chipboard or OSB-plates.

It is possible to connect communications (water, electricity, sewage) to existing networks.

In the middle - it is painted with polymer paint, ventilation works are carried out.

The set includes a gurney, ZIP and benches/beds.

Execution options:

  • Fully immersed
  • Semi-recessed with ribbing

It is possible to arrange a concrete slab above the shelter (thickness - depending on the calculations).

Additionally, waterproofing with mastic or a waterproofing membrane is used during installation.

The cost of installation is calculated individually.