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  • "Svityaz" fire extinguishing pumping stations

"Svityaz" fire extinguishing pumping stations

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Existing regulations and safety requirements provide for the presence of fire extinguishing pumping stations in any commercial, residential or industrial building. This equipment, consisting of pumps, manifolds, measuring devices and shut-off valves mounted on a single frame, is intended for automatic water supply in case of fire-threatening situations.

The equipment automatically activates in the event of an alarm signal or when the pressure in the system decreases. At the same time, the main or reserve pump is turned on, which supplies water for extinguishing the fire. Firefighting pumping stations use nearby water bodies, various water pipes and special fire tanks as its source.

The advantages of such a system are:

  • minimization of station maintenance costs;
  • accident-free operation of the equipment;
  • compactness of the entire structure.
  • The station can be placed on a minimum area on any object.


  • Svityaz fire extinguishing pumping stations can provide fire protection for such objects as:
  • Residential buildings;
  • Office or administrative buildings;
  • Medical facilities;
  • Shopping and entertainment centers;
  • Industrial enterprises.

The main advantages of the Svityaz fire extinguishing pumping station:

  • The fire extinguishing station is delivered fully assembled, configured and tested at the factory. Only connection to the pipeline and power grid is required;
  • Compliance with fire safety regulations of Ukraine;
  • Reliability and energy efficiency, confirmed in operating conditions;
  • Ease of maintenance and minimal maintenance costs;
  • Trouble-free operation of the equipment.