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  • Pumping stations for boosting pressure "Svityaz"

Pumping stations for boosting pressure "Svityaz"

  • Brand: Теплоенерго
  • Product Code: Насосні станції підвищення тиску «Світязь»
  • Availability: In Stock

Pump stations of increased pressure and fire extinguishing are manufactured in factory conditions, have passed tests and are completely ready for connection in automatic mode.

Each pumping station consists of 2-6 pumps (Wilo or Grundfos) connected in parallel, a control cabinet, shut-off valves and a common base frame.


  • Head: from 10 to 145 m (for a larger head - on request);
  • Consumption: from 0.8 to 600 cubic meters per hour;
  • Number of pumps: from 2 to 6;
  • Special execution: 25 bar;
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 6 bar;
  • Pump engine speed: 2900 rpm;
  • Voltage: 3x400 V/50 Hz+ 6%/10%
  • Protection class: IR 54


  • High quality, reliability in operation and ease of maintenance;
  • A wide range of equipment;
  • High efficiency;
  • Compactness and speed of installation;
  • Energy-saving efficiency and low level of electricity consumption;
  • Compliance with domestic and international requirements and standards;
  • 2-year warranty, 25-year service life.

Fields of application:

  • Pressure increase in cold and hot water supply systems in residential, public and industrial buildings;
  • Industrial water supply and cooling, technological processes;
  • Fire extinguishing systems;
  • Communal economy;
  • Agriculture.

Pressure boosting pumping stations allow you to get rid of water supply interruptions and organize uninterrupted water supply to any residential/office/industrial building.

Similar equipment consisting of several units (pressure switch, membrane tank, main pump, manometer, etc.) can be used even in multi-story buildings to maintain the required pressure level.

Modern pressure boosting pumping stations allow you to solve all problems with autonomous water supply and fully automate the entire process of water supply - from water intake to the supply of liquid to taps. Pumps are also automatically controlled and the backup pump is turned on (if necessary).

It is not necessary to set aside a separate room for the pressure boosting pumping station. The complex can be installed even in the house. Moreover, such equipment works independently, without daily intervention or special care. After adjustment and adjustment of all parameters, the necessary pressure and water pressure are automatically maintained by the system (the pressure level is set using a special relay).