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Modular wood boilers

  • Brand: ДАН
  • Product Code: Модульні котельні на дровах
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The biggest advantage of a wood-burning boiler is its complete independence from gas suppliers. Another indisputable advantage of a solid fuel boiler room is that the cost of producing heat with a solid fuel boiler is much lower than with a gas or electric boiler. Such boiler houses can have a unit capacity of 0.1 to 0.2 MW.


Advantages of using solid fuel boilers:

• The minimum package of documents for putting a boiler plant into operation (compared to a gas plant);

• Low cost of fuel and quick payback;

• A solid fuel boiler with a correctly calculated and installed heating system can be operated for tens of years;

• The solid fuel boiler can be connected in parallel with the existing boiler room;

• The wood-fired boiler room has emergency modes that block the operation of the equipment if the temperature in the furnace exceeds the norm.

 They can perform both heating and hot water functions.