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Modular pellet boilers

  • Brand: ДАН
  • Product Code: Модульні котельні на пелетах
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The advantage of pellet boilers is their independence from gas and complete explosiveness, low cost and general availability of fuel, its high calorific value and operation in automatic mode. The use of pellets as fuel makes boiler rooms independent of central heating.

We offer stationary pellet boilers with a capacity of 0.1-20.0 MW and block-modular boilers with a capacity of 0.1-10.0 MW. Block-modular execution of boiler houses shortens the time of transportation and installation, and also simplifies the system of coordination of the boiler house with supervisory authorities.


Modular pellet boiler houses consist of a boiler or a number of boilers with a strap, as well as automation, shut-off valves, pipelines, pumping equipment, fuel storage (optional), fire safety system and chimney.


The fuel storage (bunker) for pellets is located in a separate module of the boiler room. A filled hopper provides up to two weeks of operation of the boiler room (depending on the capacity and size of the hopper itself). Also, service personnel periodically remove ash from the furnace and clean pellet burners, the rest of the time modular pellet boilers work automatically.