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  • Modular boiler houses on the graft

Modular boiler houses on the graft

  • Brand: ДАН
  • Product Code: Модульні котельні на щепі
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Boiler rooms on chips and wood chips are mounted in several versions: stationary buildings or modular ones based on metal structures.

For fuel storage, a covered warehouse with an automatic "live bottom" fuel supply system, with the help of which chips or wood chips are fed from the moving floor to the conveyor, and then to the boiler hopper. Signals for fuel supply control are received automatically.

Boiler rooms are equipped with panels and automation sensors that regulate the power of work in automatic mode.

Boiler rooms on chips or wood chips solve the problem of woodworking waste utilization and provide heat and energy to the enterprise by burning low-cost fuel.

Boiler installations on wood chips and sawdust ensure the production of hot water for the needs of the building's heating and hot water supply systems through the utilization of wood waste. Waste after woodworking is delivered to the moving floor of the mechanized fuel warehouse. Before being fed to the scraper conveyor, the fuel passes through a stirrer, then enters the receiving hoppers of the boilers. The fuel supply system is regulated automatically using fuel level sensors. A cyclone is used to clean flue gases, after which they are redirected into the common flue.