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Gasketed plate heat exchangers

  • Brand: ДАН
  • Product Code: Разборные пластинчатые теплообменники «ДАН»
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A heat exchanger (heat exchanger) is a device designed to transfer heat from one coolant to another.

Advantages of plate heat exchangers:

  • compactness;
  • small area occupied by the heat exchanger;
  • light weight;
  • self-cleaning of the heat exchanger;
  • small amount of underheating;
  • high efficiency of the heat exchanger;
  • heat exchangers are manufactured according to technical specifications, have a certificate of conformity of UKRSEPRO and the conclusion of a sanitary and epidemiological examination;

The enterprise has international certificates ISO 9001:2008 "Quality management systems" and ISO 14001:2004 "Environmental management systems".

The main areas of application of HE:

  • public utilities and construction;
  • heating and ventilation systems;
  • hot water systems.

Technological application:

  • steam heat supply;
  • cold supply;
  • big energy;
  • food industry;
  • other areas of industry.

The following standard materials are used as seals:

  • NBR (nitrile rubber) - universal seal for aqueous and fatty media (water/oil), not suitable for steam. Operating temperature range from -20°С to +140°С.
  • EPDM (ethylene-propylene-rubber) - a wide range of applications, for chemical compounds that do not contain grease and mineral oils. Operating temperature range from -30°С to +160°С.
  • VITON (fluorine rubber) - high resistance to chemicals, organic solvents, as well as sulfuric acid and oils at high temperatures. Operating temperature range from -10°С to +190°С.

HE connection can be carried out in various ways:

  • through threaded pipes;
  • through branch pipes with flanges;
  • through rubber bushings;
  • through metal bushings.

DAN heat exchangers are supplied as standard with connections in the form of threaded pipes (DN25…DN32) and flanged pipes (starting from DN50).

The design of the plate collapsible heat exchanger:

  • main plate;
  • pressure plate;
  • support;
  • upper guide;
  • lower guide;
  • carrier roller;
  • pin;
  • fixing bolts;
  • rubber / metal ring;
  • consolidation;
  • plates.

The design of the heat exchange plate:


  • A. Plate centering system for reliability of PTO assembly.
  • B. No dead zones due to uniform distribution of flow from the port.
  • C. Drainage grooves for leak detection.
  • D. Chevron plate.
  • E. A system of attaching spacers for convenience and reliable fixation.
  • F. Reinforced gasket groove for long life.
  • G. Double gasket in the port avoids mixing of media.

To receive a specification for a heat exchanger that meets your requirements, you need to fill out a questionnaire and send it to our specialists.

All calculations of heat exchangers are carried out free of charge.

If necessary, our specialists will help you fill out the questionnaire correctly. On the basis of the performed calculations, a commercial offer is formed, which includes the technical and cost characteristics of the device.

Each "DAN" heat exchanger is accompanied by a passport and operating instructions. They reflect technical characteristics, recommendations for installation, maintenance, service repair, as well as our warranty obligations.