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Service maintenance of plate heat exchangers

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Service maintenance of plate heat exchangers
   A heat exchanger is a complex device, the elements of which are periodically exposed to various adverse conditions, which can lead to various negative consequences, such as damage and contamination of plates, leakage, wear of seals, corrosion, and even equipment failure. After all, the performance of the heat exchange system can be significantly reduced, and a possible breakdown at an inconvenient time can cause serious problems and significant financial losses. Therefore, regular professional maintenance of heat exchange devices is a mandatory and important measure to prevent potential negative consequences.
We have the experience to help you, if you have a problem today, want to prevent future problems.
We perform the following types of repair work:
 1. Defecting and detecting malfunctions of heat exchangers.
 2. Repair and replacement of heat exchanger plates with replacement of seals restores efficiency and reduces overall operating costs, as well as:
• extends the service life of the device;
• improves thermal efficiency;
• minimizes energy consumption.
 3. Flushing and cleaning (chemically and mechanically) of heat exchangers is a fundamental aspect of their maintenance. This operation is aimed at removing scale, dirt, corrosion and other deposits from the surface of the heat exchangers, which makes it possible to improve the heat transfer and the overall performance of the system. The frequency of this procedure is determined individually and depends on factors related to the use of the equipment.
 4. Hydrostatic or pneumatic leak testing, which allows you to detect leaks, small leaks, before they lead to serious problems (mixing of different working media).
5. Modernization (upgrading) of the heat exchanger in order to increase productivity and reduce pressure losses.
All repairs are carried out at the factory.