address 08113, Kyiv region, Buchanskyi
district, village Petrushki, Myru str., 25th
28 years together!


We may have a new package of permissions, permits and licenses for the development of design work:

  • design and installation of boiler rooms, central and individual heating units, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • design and installation of linear objects - heating lines, water pipes, sewage pipelines;
  • supply, design and installation of electrical generators with connection and installation of external electrical networks;
  • design of furnaces and boiler rooms;
  • design of furnaces and boiler house;
  • development of projects for the reconstruction of working boiler houses, central heating substation, ITP (heat point), etc.;
  • development of design proposals (including PIN, PDD) for the reconstruction of centralized heat supply systems, necessary for obtaining financing from the stabilization fund, innovation fund, Green Investments, etc .;
  • development of complex projects for scorching and water supply, etc.;
  • development of projects for complex automation of processes of generation and distribution of heat from different modern elemental bases and new control algorithms;
  • zdijsnennya dispatching of objects - rozrobka of projects of vikonannya robit (POR) and projects in the organization of life (POS);
  • zdіysnennya author's sight;
  • the provision of consulting services for the supply of heat supply, water supply, the selection of alternative energy sources, cogeneration, etc.;
  • consultations and information and technical support.